Persian Cuisine

Route: Tehran - Ramsar - Ardebil - Sarein - Tabriz - Sannandaj - Kermanshah - Ahwaz - Shiraz - Yazd - Isfahan - Kashan - Tehran
Length of Tour: 21 Nights
Profile: combination of Cultural and special Tours visiting the historical attractions of Iran cities and enjoying the foods of each area
Vehicle: Air condition car or coach.
Accommodation: (hotels)


DAY 1. Tehran
Arrival Tehran, Meet and assist, Transfer to hotel, O/N

Iranian foodDAY 2. Tehran
F/D sightseeing of Tehran visiting National Museum, lunch at a traditional restaurant which arranged with several Iranian traditional foods, you can take photo and become familiar with the way of cooking. O/N

DAY 3. Tehran

F/D sightseeing of Tehran visiting carpet museum, Saad Abad Palace in north of Tehran dinner in a restaurant in the slips of Alborz mountains where decorated with various kind of Iranian junky foods and You can visit face to face with Iranian life there. O/N

DAY 4. Tehran-Ramsar
Early morning drive to Ramsar in Caspian Sea (North of Iran) – visit Kahzar Museum and Bath in the mineral Spa – dinner – O/N

Iran foodDAY 5. Ramsar
Visit traditional bazaar of Ramsar – lunch in a local room where you can find several local food of this area such as: Mirza Ghasemi – Bademjan kebab – Bghela Ghatoq – Mahi Shekam por (fish) – Torshi Tare – Kebab Torsh, free time in the evening - O/N

DAY 6. Ramsar-Ardebil
Early morning drive to Ardebil via Rasht (capital of Gilan Province) and Bandar Anzali where you can visit the Anzali Lagoon and port - en route to Ardebil you can visit the Astara Border city and Border line of IRAN – AZERBIJAN which located in a green area– through Gardaneh Heyran we meet Ardebil city – transfer to hotel in Sarein -O/N

DAY 7. Ardebil-Sarein
After breakfast visit Sheykh Safi Ardebili Monument - visit Chini khaneh – lunch in a traditional restaurant with various local food of Ardebil such as Kofteh, Ashe Doq, Abgoosht…and some sweets like Black Halva - visit Neor Lake – back to Sarein – O/N

Iran cuisin travelDAY 8. Sarein
Free time and bath in Sareyn mineral Spa – O/N

DAY 9. Sarein-Tabriz
Early morning drive to Tabriz (capital of eastern Azerbaijan)– en route eat lunch – in Tabriz visit Azerbaijan Museum and Kabud Mosque (blue mosque) – dinner in a traditional restaurant with Kofteh Tabrizi and Ishli Kebab – O/N

DAY 10. Tabriz-Sanandaj
Early morning drive to Sannandaj (capital of Kordestan province) via Miyando Ab and Bukan– in Sanandaj visit old house of Khosro Abad – O/N

Iran foodDAY 11. Sanandaj-Kermanshah
Morning visit the old cemetery of Sanandaj – lunch in a local house with various local food – after luch drive to Kermanshah – visit Bistun and Taq e Bostan – dinner in a restaurant in Taq e Bostan to eat the delicious local food called " Khoresh Khellal " – O/N

DAY 12. Kermanshah-Ahwaz
Early morning drive to Ahwaz (Capital of Khuzestan province) – via historical city of Susa where you can visit the Famous Apadana – eat lunch in Susa restaurant – drive to Ahwaz – O/N

DAY 13. Ahwaz
Early morning drive to Choqa Zanbil to visit the old Temple of Mesopotamians - back Ahwaz - eat lunch in a local House and eat a local and delicious sea food called " Qaliye Mahi " - after noon have a walk along Karun River the longest and deepest river in IRAN. O/N

Iran foodDAY 14. Ahwaz-Shiraz
Early Morning drive to Shiraz via Bishapour the ruine city of Shapour and Tange Chogan
And visit the stone relieves of Shapour – Through Tang Abul Hayat continue the way to Shiraz – O/N

DAY 15. Shiraz
After breakfast visit Saadi and Hafiz (Famous poems in 13 Century) tomb– Karimkhani
Citadel, Eram Garden, Vakil complex (mosque and Bazaar and Bath) – O/N

DAY 16. Shiraz
Early morning excursion to Persepolis to visit the glorious ruins of Achamenians – visit Naghshe Rostam – drive back to Shiraz – O/N

DAY 17. Shiraz-Yazd
Early Morning drive to Yazd via Abar Kuh and visit its jameh mosque – eat dinner in a local House in Yazd and eat various local food - O/N

DAY 18. Yazd
After breakfast visit Jameh mosque and old city of Yazd – visit Zoroastrian fire temple
and Goor Dakhmeh or Tower of silent (Zoroastrian old cemetery) – visit the confectionary of Yazd where you can find more than 10 local sweets which are famous in world such as Qotab – Pashmak – Hadji Badam – different fruit Loz - O/N

DAY 19. Yazd-Isfahan
Early morning drive to Isfahan via Na'ien and visit its Jameh Mosque and Museum lunch in a restaurant which serve Kesh mesh Polo – visit historical bridges in Isfahan – dinner in Abbassi hotel where was a Caravansary in Safavid era – and eat different Kebab – O/N

DAY 20. Isfahan
After breakfast visit Chehel Sotun palace (40 column palace) – visit Imam mosque and Sheikh lotfollah mosque – Aliqapou palace – Bazaar – eat lunch in a traditional restaurant with different local food (More than 6 kind of foods) such as Okra ,… - Dinner eat Beryani the special local food of Isfahani People – O/N

DAY 21. Isfahan-Kashan-Tehran
Free time at morning – after lunch drive to Tehran via Kashan – visit Fin Garden – drive
Tehran – a Banquet dinner in hotel restaurant – O/N

DAY 22. Tehran
Transfer to airport fly back to country .


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