Business travel service Interpreter Service

Thetis Travel's interpreters will travel in Mainland Iran to attend your conference or seminar, or perhaps to a studio to complete video/audio voiceovers. Interpreting can be either consecutive or simultaneous and can range from a one to one business meeting to a conference.
Language Services Type Half Day (5 Hours) Full Day (8 Hours)
English Local travels accompany 45 USD 70 USD
Whole journey accompany 53 USD 88 USD
France Local travels accompany 55 USD 80 USD
Whole journey accompany 63 USD 98 USD
Japanese Local travels accompany 40 USD 65 USD
Whole journey accompany 48 USD 83 USD
Other: German, Spanish, Italian
Note: Service fees excluding working meals, Out of working time -- 15 USD/hour
Education of the guides: They get the professional training arranged by the Foreign studies universities and they are granted the relative certifications.
Basic techniques of the guides: They are familiar with the geography and transportation situation of all around Mainland Iran.
Service contents of the guides: Local travels accompany, whole journey accompany, shopping accompany.

If you want us to arrange an Interpreter for you now, or need a language not be include above, just send a letter to us.



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Iran trekking

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Iran Visa issuance procedure: We can contribute in issuance of your visa in coordination with Iran foreign ministry Visa Department and the current visa regulations in within the legal jurisdiction ceded to us.
After you provided us with the necessary information on the form above as Visa application form
Travel Paperwork - Iran Visa - getting extensions within Iran & Tehran authorization service
Visa, Visas, Tourist Card, application form travel tourist visa business visa Iran visa getting extensions within Iran Tehran, authorization, service
Visa requirements information for 193 countries & 9 nationalities, Iran Visa - getting extensions within Iran & Tehran authorization service
Get a Iran Visa. Click here to learn how to get a Iran Visa