Attrazioni Naghsh-e-Rostam

Naghsh-e-Rostam A Naghsh-e-Rostam, di fronte ad un grande dirupo verticale, si erge il monumentale santuario del Fuoco, noto come Ka’be-e-Zarodsht, con intagliate le quattro tombe di Dario I e dei suoi tre successori. A distanza sono anche visibili quattro tagli nella superfice della roccia, che contrassegnano le tombe che disegnano la facciata del palzzo, come se fronteggiassero un portico sorretto da quattro colonne, con i tipici capitelli di toro Achaemenici. Un’altra importante attrattiva di Naghsh-e-Rostam è rappresentata da una serie di otto sculture Sassani, ricavate nella roccia sui livelli più bassi del dirupo, tra le più grandi mai scolpite.


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Iran Tourist visa (30 days length) Bistoon inscription: The Bistoon mountain stands some 32 km away from Kermanshah via the main road from the latter to Hamedan city, which itself follows the ancient caravan route along the bottom of a fine velvety fawn-colored cliff.

Bistoon Inscription, Bistoon

The primary scientific studies regarding the engravings and inscriptions of Bistoon were made in 1835, by Henry Rawlinson, a young British officer. After which this research was carried on by several scientists who added their discoveries to this historical treasure. The text of this inscription was engraved in the breast of the mountain in 522 B.C. by a decree from Dariush. The same relates to the war which lasted for two and a half years, between him and his opponents in order to gain power.
Encircling the Bistoon impression is an epigraph in three languages, named as, the ancient Parsi, Elamit and a Babylonian dialect. The Elamit text is to the right of the impression, the second to the left, running parallel to the Parsi text; whereas, the Babylonian text stands above that of the second Elamit inscription. Additional and complete translations can be observed in the surroundings and to the right. Herkool Statue, Bistoon.
Alongside the Bistoon - Kermanshah Road, is an embossment of a heroic figure leaning against a piece of lion skin. This embossment shows a completely naked and powerful man with curly hair and beard. He is leaning on his left side under the shelter of a tree.
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