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Choqazanbil temple (Ziggurat) attractionChogha-Zanbil La più grande struttura costruita dall’uomo in Iran è rappresentata dalla ‘zigurrat’di Chogha-Zanbil costruita nel 1250 A.C., circa, dal Re Elamite Untash-Gal. Questo imponente Tempio e complesso tombale, a diciotto miglia a sudovest di Susa (Shush), ricrea, in un territorio pianeggiante, quel timore riverenziale che l’uomo ha sempre avuto per le sue montagne, ritenute un luogho sacro. L’ampiezza delle fondamenta è di 346 piedi quadrati, al di fuori di essa si erigono cinque torri concentriche, una dentro l’altra per una altezza di 174 piedi. Dagli scavi di Chogha-Zanbil sono emerse molte iscrizioni ed ornamenti architettonici, come targhe murarie di ceramica ed interessanti sigilli.


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Iran-Archaeology-Choghazanbil: Experts believe that the road to the historical site of Choghazanbil, in Khuzestan province, which was constructed jointly by Khuzestan Roads and Transportation Department and Civil Company, does not comply with the standards. Experts involved in Choghazanbil project contend that in addition to providing a pathway to the monument, the route also links five villages with nearby cities including Shoush and Shoushtar.
They further believe that engineers with Roads and Transportation Department as the executors of the project and Civil Company as the contractor were both negligent in their undertaking and the linking route has been built without adhering to the technical guidelines. tour tourism hotel operation cultural adventure tourism historical

Last year, one of the bridges along the route was collapsed and despite correspondence and applications for repairing the bridge, it has yet been restored completely, experts noted.
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Due to the conditions of the route, the number of visitors to the site has decreased.
Choghazanbil ziggurat is one of the most important monuments from the Elamite rule, which was built at the order of the Elamite King Ontash Gal 3,200 years ago.
The project to restore the monument is currently underway as a joint venture undertaken by Japan and UNESCO.
Choghazanbil ziggurat is one of the unique sites in the world which was registered on UNESCO global cultural heritage list.

Choghazanbil Ziggurat in Shoush Iran

TEHRAN, National Iranian Oil Company has begun drilling operations at a distance of only 500 meters from the historical site of Choghazanbil Ziggurat, Shoush, Khuzestan province without any prior coordination with Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.
The company has drilled wells of up to 15 meters deep and five centimeters wide with the aim of identifying underground energy reserves in the area. Travel to historical city Shoush. Persian zigurate choghazanbil.
Choghazanbil Base came to learn about the oil company’s activities by chance after three days and, in a letter, has called on it to permit experts to examine the threats which may be posed by drilling operations.
Khuzestan Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department and Choghazanbil Base have called for the complete suspension of operations. iran visa attractions historical travel Persia.
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