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Professional team

    The company has more than 40 employees, including Certified Public Accountants, Certified Public Valuer, Certified Tax Agents, budgeting specialists, engineers and lawyers. There are 20 Certified Public Accountants, 10 Certified Tax Agents and 5 Certified Public Valuers. 80 % of employees is account for Undergraduate degree or above with senior or intermediate professional titles. A team of experts are hired in accounting, tax, financial and law annually to solve the various problems and to supply the professional advises with diversified and complex value-added services.

Operation Predominance

    Professional team spirit: The powerful expert team in the industry consisting of certified public accountants, certified tax agents,advanced accountants and auditors supply clients with sophisticated and abundant service of profession.

Abundant operation experience: The corporation has auditing experience covering enterprises of high and new technology and many trades like industrial manufacturing, communication, information, financing, pharmacy, traveling, construction, real estate, publishing, food, cosmetics and commerce, etc.

Our business specialty covers auditing of financial statements list company,auditing of income tax ratepaying, reforming and restructuring,auditing service for merger,budget management, risk management, tax planning, tax consultation and service for accounting consultation, etc. We are able to help clients get success unceasingly in commercial competition through increment service.

Professional and efficient methods: Our corporation has modern working condition corresponding to the modernized managing level of clients. All the auditing business is conducted with computer auditing software so as to shorten spot working time of auditing, enhance auditing efficiency and save time of clients.

Timely and accurate information of policy: 分分快3 We are familiar with accounting and auditing rules home and abroad and we can skillfully practice tax policies home and abroad. Meanwhile, we can master timely and accurate rules and latest change and trends of policy of finance and foreign exchange to make objective and fair operating judgment.

Service concept

    Our Service concept is According to the law practice, Integrity, good quality and reputation is supreme.
   Our Working style is Vigorous and resolute, sincere dedication, excellent collaboration.
   Our Value is Integrity, loyalty, teamwork, customer oriented, innovative and pragmatic.
   Our aim is Based in Beijing, for the whole country, top-notch, to return the society.


    Beijing SASAC recommends the auditing for Economic responsibility of state-owned large and medium enterprises.
   Beijing Bureau of Justice recommends annual auditing for law office.
   Beijing State, Local Taxation Bureau put on records Tax Identification auditing.
   Beijing Zhongguancun Enterprise Promotion Association appoints the membership and qualification of Intermediary services institution.
   Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau recommends the auditing for annual inspection of travel agency.
   Zhongguancun Software Association appoints the Financial Adviser to membership enterprise.
   We are the initial company of China's accounting association .


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