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·Auditing for financial statements
·Auditing for financial statements of Foreign-invested company
·Auditing for annual examination of foreign exchange
·Auditing for financial statements of Domestic-funded Enterprises
·Auditing for leaving position
·Auditing for financial statements of high-tech Enterprises
·Auditing for Economic responsibility
·Auditing for expenses of foreign representative organization
·Liquidation auditing
·Project Auditing
·Auditing for public institution
·Investment auditing
·Auditing for bank loan
·Auditing for property transfer
·Auditing for Enterprise restructuring
·Auditing for funds
·Internal auditing
·Auditing for Property company
·Auditing for Special item
·Auditing for State-owned enterprises
·Auditing for annual inspection of business license
·Auditing for Travel agency
·Judicial auditing
·Auditing for law office
·Auditing for foreign representative organization
·Financial statement prepared in accordance with international standards
·Topics auditing
·Auditing for innovating funds
·Auditing for Fixed asset
·Pension auditing
·Auditing for cartoon company
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