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Trip Details

There are Numerous Iran Festivals that are celebrated by different communities in Iran. Due to its multi-cultural influences, Iran boasts of festivals that combine the essence of various cultures and religions including Syrian and Roman influences along with Persian culture and Zoroastrianism.

Tour Itinerary:

iranian new year ( Nowroz Festival)
19 March-02 Apr
it is held all over iran

Rose water Festival in Kashan and Niasar
25 Apr-20 May

Pir Shalyar festival in Oramanat Takht village kurdistan
An annual festival is held in Iranian Kurdistan’s Oraman Takht village to celebrate wedding of priest Pir-e Shalyar more than millennium ago.In the cold depths of winter, an annual festival is held here to commemorate the wedding of a priest named Pir-e Shalyar more than a millennium ago.

Chak Chak Fire temple festival
Chak Chakou or Pir-e Sabz, this important Zoroastrian fire-temple is on a hill 52 km on the north-east of Yazd. It attracts thousands of pilgrims for an annual festival which has lasted for ten days from the beginning of the third month after Nou Ruz.

Day of St. Thaddeus
24 jul
Iran’s Qara Kelisa will honor the memory of Saint Thaddeus and his faithful followers during a ceremony in the northern province of West Azarbaijan.Scores of Armenians, Assyrians and Catholics from Iran and other countries will attend the annual event as part of their pilgrimage on the Day of St. Thaddeus.The ceremony is known as one of the largest religious ceremonies held by Armenians of iran .

Qalishoyan : Mashhad Ardahal (42 km west of kashan)

Jashn Sade : yazd
A mid-winter feast to honor fire and to \"defeat the forces of darkness, frost and cold\" in which people gather around and build a fire so that they can receive good things from the fire and give the fire their incompleteness.it is held in cham village of yazd

Yalda Festival
20 Dec
The turning point. End of the longest night (darkness) of the year, and beginning of growing of the days (Lights). A celebration of Good over Evil.it is held all over iran

Chaharshanbe Sori
19 MAR
Festival of Fire, last Tuesday night in the Iranian Calendar year. It marks the importance of the light over the darkness, arrival of spring and revival of nature .it is held all over iran

Ashura & Tasoa
24-25 NOV
Shi\'a Muslims observe the day in mourning for Hussein (3rd imam of shia ) and in remembrance of his martyrdom. In Iran, Iranians perform Ta\'zieh, the old Iranian dramatic parade (post Islamic era). There exists also a rather special recipe for some special drinks in this festival. Many people cook something and offer it to their neighbors as gifts.it is held all over iran

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