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Trip Details

4 Different areas in iran

Length of Tour:

1-4 Days


Rafting in Iran is one of the popular water sports. If you are looking for some adventure during your tour to Iran, then Rafting in Iran is one of the best options available in hand. Besides all the sightseeing activities, Rafting in Iran gives you the opportunity to have some real thrill. It is one of the popular water sports in Iran.

The months of April, May and June are considered to be the best times to take part in Rafting in Iran. There are many rivers which are ideal for Rafting in Iran.

Tour Itinerary:

we offer Rafting in 4 areas of iran

1) Armand River +isfahan

2) Sepid Rood River + Gilan

3)Sezar River +lorestan

4) Karaj River+ Tehran


for more information and detail programs contact us .info@thetistravel.com


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