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  1. Do Women have clothing limitations?
    Women have to cover their body and their hair in public (restaurants and hotel lobbies are public). According to the law, only the face and the hands of women may be visible, therefore it is best to wear a headscarf to cover the hair and a coat to cover the body. The body has to be covered in such a way that the skin of the woman is not visible. The hips, the legs and the feet should not be visible. It is best to wear wide clothing, so that the lines of the body are not recognizable. The headscarf should cover the hair fully. The color of the scarf and the clothing does not matter, and one is free to wear any color.
  2. Do men also have clothing limitations?
    Everybody has to obey the Islamic clothing rules in Iran. Not only women have to stick to the rules, also men have certain rules to stick to: the body of the men should be fully covered. Only hands, the neck, and the head may be visible. Short trousers are strictly prohibited. It is recommended to wear shirts with short sleeves rather than T-shirts. It is very important that the buttons of the shirt are not open. It is not forbidden to wear a tie or a bowtie.
  3. Do women have to dress in Chador?
    It is not necessary to wear a chador unless one wants to visit a holy mosque or shrine. Wherever the chador is a must, one will be given a chador.
  4. What if women headscarf falls down?
    It can happen that the head scarf falls down and does not cover the hair. In those cases most of the people advise one to cover up again. Also the police advise one to cover the hair.
  5. Is it possible to enjoy alcoholic beverage?
    According to Islam, it is forbidden to enjoy alcohol at all, no matter in what form. It is forbidden to have alcoholic food or beverage, to trade with alcohol, and to serve alcohol.
  6. Is it possible to bring alcoholic beverage to Iran?
    Entering Iran; bringing alcohol is forbidden. It is possible to get non-alcoholic beverages almost all over the country.
  7. Is it safe to drink the water from the tap?
    The water is drinkable, but it may contain too many minerals. It is recommended to have mineral water.
  8. What kind of vegetarian food is available in Iran?
    Vegetarians have to order special prepared food, as there is usually no vegetarian food available.