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Secrets of Persia

Persia knows how to charm visitors with its originality and beauty. If you experience it, you will not forget it.

Persia Deserts
Persia desert, Iran toursAmongst the natural features pertaining to tourism in Iran, are desert characteristics. The deserts of Iran with an area of 320000km (one fifth of the country) are located at central and and eastern regions. Taking a stroll is these vast spaces, watching the wonders of the moving sands, the burning and dry salt marshes, historical monuments, brick colored buildings of simple and harsh styles, shadows of scattered villages, as well as the old ancient inns and caravansaries are charming and worth visiting for every tourist.

» Yazd city (The Bride of World’s Deserts)
Yazd, desert trekking Two routes can be considered in the desert region of Yazd. One is the Yazd - Bafq route, running along the ancient Fahraj Mosque on the fringes of the desert, continuing till the limits of Bafq. En route are the tamarisk forests, and the beautiful Ahan Shahr Park, extending over 20 hectares which appears at the end of this route.
The other route is of Yazd - Khanaraq - Bayazeh and continues till Khoor and Biyabanek. Along which are dome-shaped sandy hills, covered by desert bushes. All through the route there are ancient and beautiful inns with arched windows and unique architecture. Out of which worth mentioning is the military castle of Bayazeh which is placed beside the beautiful gardens of Khoor Biabanak village. Another site to visit is the
ancient olive tree which is over a thousand years old. The desert areas of Yazd province can be divided into the following:
tours Ardakan Desert (Siyah Kooh), that lies between the two mountains of Hoosh at an elevation of 1,939 m. to
Iran tours The south and Siyah Kooh at a height of 2,050 m. to the north. Abar Kooh Desert, This is a circular area resting between two mountains which are at close proximity to Taqestan desert.
nomad Daranjir Desert area, extending over 1,500 square kilometers, to the east of Yazd.
trekking Other Desert: Herat and Merosat : Approximately 500 square kilometers and almost humid.
adventure Behesht Abad: Between Anar and Rafsanjan, in a north western to southeastern direction.
tours Bahadoran : In southeast of Mehreez and from a north western to a south eastern direction.
Saqand, Haji Abad and Zarrin Abad Deserts.

Kavir National Park (Varamin )
This national park is to the west of the central desert of Iran and east of the ‘salt Lake’. This area in general has a valuable flora and fauna reserves as well as a variety of wildlife. Ancient, historical monuments such Shah Abbasi caravansary (Bahram Palace) and the remnants of Haram Khaneh and Ainol Rashid are also present in this region.
The most famous wild life species found here are: wild ass, ram, wild sheep, wild goat, panther, gazelle, wild cat, hyena, wolf, jackal, desert fox, fox, hare, porcupine and sable. The waterfowls which may be mentioned in this vicinity are flamingo, geese, duck, eagle, pheasant and crane. The Kavir National Park has a main route via Varamin through Pishva, Qal'eh Boland Villages, Asgar Abad and Hesar Goli which goes to Mobarakeh and finally reaches the Shah Abbas Caravansary. There is another roadway from Masileh which requires a guide.

Persia Mountains
More than half of Iran is made of mountains. In the north are the Alborz Mountains and in the west are the Zagros Mountains.The highest peaks of these two mountain chains are Mount Damavand (5671m) in the east of Tehran and Dena (4409m) in the west of Shiraz.
Situation Mountain Range Peak Height
East of Tehran Alborz Damavand 5671
Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiari Zagros Zard kooh 4547
Kerman Barez Barez 4419
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Plateau Sabalan 4811
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Plateau Sahand 3710
Kermanshah Zagros Dalahoo 4500
Yazd  Central Range Shir kooh 4075
Hamadan Zagros Alvand 3547
Systan va Balouchestan Eastern Range Taftan 4050
Fars Zagros Dena 4276
Khorassan Alborz Binaloud 3350
Azerbaijan Arassbaran Neshan Kooh 3700
Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari   Zagros Zarrin Kooh 3062

» Damavand (The Middle East Roof)
With a high summit of 5610.27 meters, Damavand is the highest mountain peak in Iran located almost in the center of Alborz mountain range. Damavand peak is situated in Larijan district, southwest of Amol and 69 Kilometers northeast of Tehran. Moreover, there are a lake named Lar, suitable for fishing and so many mineral water springs and the Esk and Gol-e-Zard Caves are also placed in the ascending route to Plure. When the sky is clear and sunny, Damavand can be seen from Tehran and other cities such as Amol, Sari, Qom & Kashan.

» Sabalan (The Wonder Peak)
Sabalan mountain, Iran toursSabalan is Iran's second highest mountain peak located in the extreme North West of Iran. A mountain higher than Mont Blanc in the Alps, with many lakes & volcanic crater. The mountain enjoys specific attractions in various seasons of the year so that mountain Climbers feel have entered a land of dreams and wonders.On the slopes of the mountain many mineral water springs flows which attract thousands of tourists each year, and many swim in springs for healing There are also many trails and a few very small villages in the area nomadic people leave in Sabalan with their round "Yurt" tents. Visiting and seeing these kind people is one of the best reasons for climbing the mountain.

» Alam kuh (Iran’s Himalayas)
It is exactly like tiger wall in Alps. Alam Kuh's common areas are well-known and its alias name is Iran's Switzerland, including Kelar Dasht & Sarab Rood. It is rich in wildlife. Alam Kuh is the Third highest peak in Iran and probably the one which challenges climbers the most. It has about 1000 meters of vertical granite which is suitable for cliff hanging .The second highest summit in this region and just as famous is Takht- e- Soleyman, 4650 meters.Alam Kuh range is famous for its wall & 14 peaks about 4000m.

Persia Lakes

» Caspian Sea (The Biggest Lake of the World)
Caspian seaThe largest lake of the world, Caspian Sea (land-blocked body of water), covers an area of 438,000 sq. km. and is located between Iran and countries such as the Republics of Qazaqistan, Turkmenistan, and Azarbayjan. Its shores are shallow and sandy. The average depth in the northern section is 6 m. and a maximum of 1,000 m. in the south and south west. One of the most important clefts in the southern parts of the Caspian Sea is the Anzali Wetland, located to the south west of the Caspian; and the Mian Kaleh Peninsula which is seperated from the Caspian Sea by the Qazvin and Gorgan Bays. These are amongst the famous attractions of Gilan and the Mazandaran provinces.
The calm blue sea forms the northern view and the dense forests covering the foot of the northern Alborz Mountains forms the southern landscape. The surrounding shores are covered by paddy fields, plantations and citrus orchards which create wonderful scenery. Much beyond these forests , stand the majestic and snow-capped peaks of Alborz, enhacing a special beauty to the said landscape. Besides which, surrounding the coastal area are citrus orchards, rice fields, verdant pastures- all rendering a glorious and eye-catching view!

» Urumiyeh Lake
Urumiyeh lake, Iran toursThe province of West Azerbaijan has the largest lake of Iran in its territory, known as Urumiyeh Lake. This lake is at an altitude of 1,267 m. from the sea level, with a length of 130-140 km, the width being approximately 15-50 km. and at an average depth of 50-60 m. Its waters are extremely salty (twice the salinity of the oceans), consequently the lake never freezes. From olden times, local physicians made use of the water (because of its mineral content) and coastal sludge, in treating skin diseases and rheumatoid disorders. The best season for bathing in these waters are from the end of June till the third week of August, when the lake begins getting cold. Lake Urumiyeh has numerous islands, both large and small totaling to 102 in number. The most important are as following, Kaboodan (Qoyoon Daqi), Ashk, Espeer, and Arezoo.

tours Kaboodan Island: This Island is one of the largest islands of the lake Urumiyeh, located to the east of which and covering an area of about 3,175 hectares. Its plants being generally short scrubs and a variety of trees bearing wild fruits and nuts. Mammals such as wild goat and wild sheep exist on this Island. It is protected by the Department of the Environment as a National Park.
Ashk Island: This Island lies to the south of the Island of Kaboodan and 40 km. from the port of Golman Khaneh. This island has a 'sweet water' spring and provides a natural habitat for resident and immigrant birds. One of the rarest species of wildlife known as the 'Iranian follow deer' is found here. The Island covers and area of 2,115 hectares and its vegetation is similar to that of the Island of Kaboodan.
Espeer Island: This Island covers an area of 1.151 hectares, located to the west of the Kaboodan Island and 27 km. from the port of Golman Khaneh. This island provides a natural habitat for birds. The island also has one jetty. These islands have facilities for swimming and water sports.

Persia Forests

Persian forestMost forest of Iran located all along the coast of the Caspian Sea in north of Iran. Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan provinces are richest provinces of Iran as regards natural resources. Climatically, the plains of Mazandaran and Gilan are moderately warm and the temperature rise is from west to east, thus bringing about a relative decrease in rainfall in the same direction in the region. These plains encompass various important cities and also rural areas, which bear an influence on the economic and industrial factors. Forest landscapes, the sea, citrus orchards, tea gardens, and even the natural cuts and separations in the forest heights bring forth a wonderful and matchless scene.many beautiful falls of Iran also located in this area. Gilan's forest views are rare and spectacular with much variety. Another special feature is its lush pastures that spread all over the province like a green carpet. Numerous rivers and springs that flow through the valleys and foothills add to its beauty. The protraction of routes connecting the mountains to the forests give way to the heart of the jungles.
Green pastures, dense forests, eye-catching countrysides and high mountains all provide recreational opportunities. The province is widely known for its pleasant weather. The countryside's landscape and natural environment compared to the plains have transformed it to a spectacular tourist attraction. The vicinities noted below are known to be tourist spots: Masuleh and its surrounding resort areas, Daylaman, Rahim Abad, Garmab Dasht, Koochid, Rostam Abad and Salansar, Asalem to Khalkhall, Imamzadeh Ebrahim and Imamzadeh Essaq (AS), Qaleh Rood Khan, Gowhar Rood valley and the Ashkoor valley route.

Tonekabon and Ramsar Forests, Ramsar
These green forests with a high percentage of rainfall are also reputedly known as the Do Hezar forests of Jennat-e-Roodbar and Eshkavarat. The same are located between the sea and the mountainous region. Suitable forest and rural roads, variable natural and regional factors are responsible for making these forests one of the peerless regions
In Iran and the globe. The same being a wonderful recreational area.

» Chaloos Forests, Noshahr
This area is close to the sea, with high plains, suitable regional conditions, verdant, with heights and valleys and dense forests, lakes, elevated waterfalls. Besides it being in the vicinity of Alam Kooh. All speak of it being unequal to its kind in Iran and even the world. A place worth visiting.

Persia Caves
Persia caves, Iran toursPersia has many Caves which offer a marvelous world of stalactites and stalagmites, immense underground caverns and deep chasms, and the turbulent flow of the underground River.Alisadr, Katale khor, Karaftou, Ghuri Ghale, Rud Afshan and many others which are among the most beautiful part of our planet’s underground world.

» Alisadr Cave
Alisadr Cave is the largest cave in the world, containing water and offering the use of canoes. This cave is located in the village of Alisadr, district of Kabudrahang, and was inaugurated in the year 1967. In the hills where the Alisadr cave is located, there are two other caves by the names of Soo Bashi and Sarab Caves. The water present in Alisadr Cave, takes its source from that of the Sarab Cave. The Alisadr Cave comprises of a number of small and large 'halls' or spaces, in a maze like fashion, connected to each other by passages. The water within the cave is extremely cold but very clear, odorless, colorless and with an ordinary taste. It comes under the calcium bicarbonate category, is nearly neutral in PH, but unfortunately polluted. The ceiling of the cave is covered with sedimentation of pure calcium carbonate and a mixture of other chemical compounds. Thus forming stalagmites of unique beauty and design, which draws the attention of visitors. The air within the cave is light and static. To date, all the canals of this cave have not been discovered, and only approximately 2,100 m. have been recognized. Here, the height of the ceiling is between 1-35 m. the width of the canals 2 - 15 m. and the depth of the water 1 - 17 m. Within the cave, electric power, and paddling canoes (seating 4 persons) aid visitors to see parts of this cave.


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