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IranIran visa Visa Form
Iran visa, visa form
An entry visa is required for all non-Iranian citizens unless you’re from Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey or Japan; this is going to be a hassle. Iranian consulate issue 3 types of visas: Transit, Business and tourist visas. You can also get Iran Transit visa for 14days upon arrival at any Iran international airports. You need to have a passport with at least six months validity. We provide tourist visa for travelers to Iran in conjunction With Iranian foreign affairs ministry.
Business Visas:
Letter of invitation from the sponsoring company in Iran (which will then be presented to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authorization) should be obtained beforehand and get ready for presentation upon request.

Process for getting Iran visa

Iranian visa has a three-part process
-First you have to fill our online visa request form and send us a copy of your passport through Email or fax.
- Secondly we shall inform you when your visa is granted and confirm your reference number and this process may take 7-10 days respectfully. You may then proceed to the consulate complete some additional paperwork and collect your visa also 1 month validity of the visa shall be confirmed from the date of the issue.
-Third confirm your arrival date in IRAN with Thetis Travel and make payment of our services.
Necessary documents and fees required at the time you collect your Iranian
visa at the Consulate
visa You may have to fill the standard visa application form at the consulate where you want to collect your visa.
visa You will need to bring two passport-sized photos of each applicant to the consulate
visa You will need to pay the standard visa application fee to the consulate where you collect your visa (this fee varies depending on your nationality). The payment is usually made to a local bank near the consulate.
visa Your passport and visa will be available on the same day.
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Tuesday, 25/02/2020
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