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Iran Map & Cites Yazd

BorjsokootYazd is known as the capital of desert cities of Iran. As the seat of Zoroastrian Community of Iran, Yazd houses the most important Zoroastrian fire temple. The sacred fire in the temple has been continuously burning for over 1500 years. The Jam – e Mosque of Yazd, so – called Alexander’s Prison, Dolat Abad Garden and the wind – towers are among the tourist attractions of the city.
In the 10th century, Yazd was a prosperous city located at the cross – roads of the Caravan routes from Central Asia and India Kabootarkhaneto the south and west. The brocades and hand woven silks of Yazd are world – famous.
The beautiful fourteenth century Jam – e mosque of Yazd, with its highest portal among all Iranian mosques, was built on the site of a fire temple in 1119, but the original building was destroyed and present – day mosque was constructed in 1375.
The confectioners of Yazd make such delicacies as ghottab, baghlava, pashmak and many other candies and biscuits all of which are particularly popular with Yazd mosqueforeigen tourists.


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