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Iran Map & Cites Tabriz

Ealgoli TabrizTabriz, as the provincial capital of East Azerbaijan is famous for its brave people who played a key – role in the constitutional revolution of 1906.
Present - day Tabriz is a great industrial center in Iran. Among several tourist attractions in Tabriz, Azerbaijan Museum flanked by the notable blue mosque built in 1465 in the reign of Taimurid Jahan Shah, The Armenian st. Marry’s church and part of the great wall of a 14th century citadel are worthly of a visit. The wall is 26 meters high, 10 meters wide.

Major Monuments
Babak castle ( Kaliber)
Alishahi citadel
Kaboud Mosque
Maragheh’s five Tombs (Maragheh)
El Guli Building
Khaneye Mashroutiyat
Mianeh Bridge
Tabriz Bazaar
Saint Stepanous’s church (Marand)