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Iran Map & Cites Isfahan

Isfahan is the city of unbelievably gorgeous domes, lofty minarets and wonderfully fascinating inlaid mosaics & tiles. It is a school for arts and crafts. Isfahan is an open museum of dazzling artistic masterpieces.
Words can not express the splendor and glory of Isfahan’s handicrafts such as inlaid work, silverwork, enamelwork, woodcarving, and hand – printed fabrics.
Isfahan holds a treasury of tourist attractions the most important of which are as follows:
Isfahan jame mosque representing different architectural styles after the advent of Islam.
Imam ( Naqshe jahan ) square, constructed in the safavid time, surrounded by Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah mosque as well as Aliqapou palace and bazaar.
Chehel Sotun (40 pillars) palace, a beautiful edifies constructed on a wide garden, and with many Painting on its interior walls.
Shaking Minarets of unknown origin. It is very interesting due the shaking of its minarets as well Its dome.
Two churches in Julfa (Vank and Maryam) important historical monuments belonging to Safavid era.
Zoroastrian Fire temple which predate Islam.
Khajou, Siosehpol (33 arch), and Shahrestan bridges, which are constructed across Zayandeh Rood River and connect the Jolfa district to Isfahan (these bridges are important from an architectural Point of view).
Zayandeh Rood, which crosses the city, is a natural habitat. People use its banks as recreational Places. Some parks were constructed on its bank like Boostan. Mellat and Ayneh Khanneh.
The Bazaar of Isfahan, with its chambers of commerces and caravansaries, is one of the historically valuable sites of the city.