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there are currently 1.2 million nomadic pastoralists in Iran, organized in over 500 tribes and independent clans. Holidays in the countryside, accompanying them is an unforgettable experience – holidays far from crowds and everyday rush which offer a close contact with nature and people, with their culture, wisdom, customs and habits. more bg
Throughout the year, visitors to Persia can enjoy thousands of cultural, historical, sporting, and other events of interest to tourists. Persia knows how to charm visitors with its originality, history and beauty. If you experience it, you will not forget it ...
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Iran has beautiful villages each of which different with others, some of them located in the jungles some of them in deserts some in mountains area. Spend your vacation in close contact with nature and people with different culture and way of life in the homey and hospitable villages of Persia... more arrow
Tuesday, 28/01/2020
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