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Iran cultural tour, Iran historical toursAbyaneh Village, Kashan
This village is one of the well known in Esfahan province, in addition to which it boasts of a pleasant climate. The same is located in the northwestern slopes of the Karkas Mountains and at a distance of 28 km. from the city of Natanz. The architectural facet in this village along with the rituals and apparel of its inhabitants is a sight to witness. The Jame' mosque of this vicinity with its historical wooden altar dating to 776 AH, and its wooden pulpit dating to 466 AH. And an inscription in the 'kufi' script is greatly valued both as a historical and religious monument.

Ashora Deh Village, Bandar Turkaman
Ashora Deh (Ashorada or Ashour Island) is a part of Bandar Turkaman and one of the beautiful places of Golestan province situated 25 kilometer from Gorgan. Ashora Deh is an island with damp and moderate climate and is a suitable place for wildlife (when the water of the Caspian Sea ebbs, it turns into a peninsula). The export of caviar, the jetty of the Bandar Turkaman and other facilities are attractions of this area.

Iran cultural toursKandovan Village, Tabriz
This village lies 62 km. southwest of Tabriz and 22 km. south of Oskoo. From the architectural point of views this village is interesting, as the settlements are rocky dating back to the 7th century AH. or even the pre-Islamic period. These 'houses' resemble caves, being 'dug out' in the mountains and therefore are reputed worldwide. Mineral water in this area is also used for treatment of diseases. There are various other interesting villages in the province having specific architectural features.

Oshtobin Village, Kalibar
This village is located on the borderline of Iran and the Republic of Azarbayjan, 14 km. from the Aras River. With its pleasant climate and natural beauty it stands in importance to the village of Kandowan in this province. A few ancient engravings can be observed here and the people converse in the language of Tati.

Margoon Village, Yasooj
Margoon is a part of the township of Boyer Ahmad and is located 24 km. of west of Yasooj - Brujen Road. The Saqaveh River passes from its southwestern part. Altitudes such as the Banar Mountain in the east, Margoon Mountain in north and Saqaveh in south have surrounded the Margoon Village. The presence of rivers and springs as well as mountains, waterfalls, vegetation cover and wildlife have increased the attractive sites of this village. The Margoon Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls of Iran.

Masuleh Village, Fooman
This village is situated in the south west of Fooman, 63 km. from Rasht. It enjoys a moderate climate. Local architecture, springs, waterfalls, the 'Rood Khan' River and dense forests all make it an attractive tourism spot. Masuleh's integrated architecture and its houses are of two storeys. These comprise of an entrance corridor, cellers and other unique architectural features, and are linked to each other by a staircase. Such that the terrace of each house is the court-yard of the house above. The presence of the ancient Own Ebne Ali and Own Ebne Mohammad in Masuleh are pilgrimage sites and hold cultural importance.

Oramanat Takht Village, Marivan
The same is located in an east-west valley on steep slope overlooking the northern front of the Takht Mountains 63 km. south of Marivan. The village houses are generally made of stone and stair like fashion, with beams covering the ceilings. These houses are arranged such that the roof of one house is the courtyard of the other. The climate of this region in spring and summer is very pleasant and it is very cold in winter. The Oramanat Takht Village is one of the attractive rural areas of Kurdestan which besides its panoramic views has valuable tourism capacities because of the annual performance of an ancient and wonderful ceremony of Peer Shahriar. The inhabitant of this territory and their language is known as Hevarami. The Urami dialect is one of the famous Kurdish languages. Ancient fire temples, remnants of this region indicate that the inhabitants were Zoroastrians before converting to Islam.
The Sirvan River flows from the deep valleys of this region and enters Iraq. The border areas of the Sirvan river are called Ravar. Here the lands are covered with walnut, pomegranate, fig and mulberry trees. In spite of difficult climatic conditions the inhabitants abide by their traditions. The tombs of Peer Shahriar Urami, writer of the book Acquaintance of Peer Shahriar is one of the creditable pilgrimage sites of the people, which was a Zoroastrian celestial before the advent of Islam. The inhabitants of the Uraman Takht are Sonni Muslims from the Shafei sect. From other sacred sites, mention can be made of the Oihang and Abdollahi mosques, the tomb of "Loskeh Hijij" which is highly respected by the people of this region and other people of Kurdestan.

Iran tours to villagesZiyarat Village, Gorgan
The Ziyarat Village is situated at the distance of 12 km. to the south of Gorgan and has damp climate. The Ziyarat River crosses this village in east. The Poshteh Kamar and Sefidab Mountains are situated in the northwest and Khaloudareh is to the east of this village. These rivers, mountains, valleys, plants and wildlife are attractive and offer natural views around this village and the old mosque and Imamzadeh Abdollah are the religious sites of this place.

cultural historical tours to IranMaymand Village
Maymand is one of the districts of Shahr-e-Babak, and is one of the spectacular villages of Iran. Here there are a mass of crypts, with 15 stony, circular and roof-less chambers. The same covers an area of approximately 400 sq. m. This vicinity seems to be a place of burial, as skeleton bones and other articles have been found here. The stony mosque of Maymand is another interesting site in this village. The ancient houses in this rural settlement resemble minarets constructed in the breast of this hard stone mountains. In these minaret shaped dwellings which are very strong and durable, are chambers, corridors and pillars displaying an intriguing architecture. Due to the incline of the surrounding valley, these dwellings are placed in a terraced fashion, in four or five steps one after another. These have a height of 2 m. and are nearly 16 - 20 sq. m. in area, and are devoid of windows or chimneys. In the center of each chamber is a stove that was used for cooking purposes as well as warming the dwellings.



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