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Attractions of Iran

Historical Monuments
Palaces and Edifices
Castles, Forts and Citadels
Historical Bridges & Caravansaries
Engravings and Inscriptions
Ancient Cities and Hills
Temples and Fire Temples
Tombs and Domes
Towers and Minarets
Old and Historical Houses
Old Schools
Old Bazaars
Old Public Baths and Water Reservoirs
Mills and Wells
Historical Caves
Historical Graveyards

Religious Monuments

Old Mosques
Mausoleums and Imamzadehs
Old Churches

Natural Attractions

Lakes and Wetlands
Altitudes and Summits
Forests, Valleys, Plains and Deserts
Protected and Wildlife Zones
Gardens and Recreational Places

Highlights of Persia:

Tuesday, 25/02/2020
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